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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Our First Boat Trip from the New UNC CSI Campus

How else would we enjoy our spring break!?

With a nice, sunny and, most importantly, low-wind-speed day, Reide and I decided to head into the Albemarle Sound to check on the state of some equipment and recover a deployed acoustic bat sensor. Our new post-doc Brad Pickens came along on the adventure.

Although a cool ride out, the seas were calm and the trip was fast! We found our equipment to be in good shape (despite a little guano). Reide disconnected the bat monitoring equipment, and we all worked to get it safely aboard our vessel. Then, J.P. donned a thick wet suit and braved the cold water in the effort to recover a water quality monitor deployed last year. Unfortunately, he was unsuccessful in locating the device without scuba equipment.

Nevertheless, it was a productive and fun trip, and it was awesome to finally have our first boat trip from the new UNC CSI campus!