Welcome to the web site for Sediment and Solute Transport on Rivers and Margins (SSTORM) Research Group! Reide Corbett and J.P. Walsh from East Carolina University and the UNC Coastal Studies Institute lead the team.
Check out our research in/on wetlands, estuaries, barrier islands, shelves and groundwater.

Study Areas

SSTORM Study areas have included...

The North Carolina Coast
The SSTORM Research Group had and continues a wide range of research in great state of North Carolina.  Support has been from state and federals sources.  Research topics include: estuarine shoreline change, marsh and sound sedimentation, barrier island dynamics, coastal hazards, fluvial sedimentation and margin sedimentation.  Many of our students of studies the NC coast.

The Gulf of Mexico

The SSTORM Research Group has studied groundwater and sedimentation in the Gulf of Mexico for several projects.  Several students have focused their research in this area.  J.P. Walsh assisted with BP oil spill examinations.
New Zealand
Through support from the National Science
Foundation, the SSTORM team has been on several research cruises to study how sediments from the Waipaoa River are spread and accumulate in the ocean.  Ben Sumners and Joey Kiker studies this areas for their MS theses.

SSTORM research in Antartica focuses on groundwater input of iron to the Southern Ocean.  It is ongoing.  Jared Crenshaw's research focuses here.

Puerto Rico
The SSTORM group examined terrestrial sediment accumulation in and around the coral reefs of La Parguera.  Katie Ryan examined this area for her thesis.

Papua New Guinea
This was location of J.P. Walsh's doctoral research, and he continues to be involve in PNG research.