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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Off to the Gulf of Mexico

July 31

Tomorrow we'll be getting driving to Gulfport MS to board the R/V Cape Hatteras for another oceanographic research expedition.  We will be studying the deposition from the recent flooding of the Mississippi River and will contrast our observations with those we made after Hurricane Katrina (see above). The National Science Foundation is funding this rapid response research.

ECU will be well represented on the expedition, with three faculty (Reide Corbett, Sid Mitra and myself, J.P. Walsh, from Geological Sciences and ICSP) and seven students including two undergraduates (Stephanie Balbuena and Jessica Snyder) and five graduate students (4 Geology MS: Alisha Ellis, Ray Tichenor, Katrina Rabien and David Young and 1 Coastal Resources Management PhD: Devon Eulie).  We are working in collaboration with a team from Coastal Carolina University, specifically Dr. Kevin Xu and two students, Preston O'Brien Gayes and Kyle St. Clair.
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