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Monday, January 7, 2013

Life at PalmerŠJared Crenshaw

Post from Jared Crenshaw, ECU Graduate Student…

Life on Palmer is amazingly comfortable considering the often harsh conditions and location of the station. Over the past couple of weeks the Corbett team has adjusted to living in the Antarctic and being part of the station community. Palmer can support a maximum of 46 people, so everyone has to do their part to keep things running. Everyone here is always willing to pitch in, making life here much more pleasant.

Over the past few weeks we have visited a majority of the areas we have access to in order to gain a better understanding of how groundwater mixes with the waters off of Anvers Island. For the remainder of our stay we plan to continuously monitor a few key areas to see how changing weather, water, and ice conditions impact those locations.

We are currently preparing for a 24-hour monitoring period in which we will measure the changing concentrations of Radium and Radon, as well as changes in the electrical properties of the water near the shoreline. I'm really looking forward to getting an opportunity to camp out by the shore. We have seen seals relaxing on this stretch of sandy beach before, so we are hoping they have decided to relocate as this may complicate our efforts.

David Hawkins and I were out sampling a few days ago when we came very close to waking this leopard seal from his nap on the ice. I hear they can be quite unpleasant!




  1. Looks like a lot of fun. Where will you get the camping gear for the 24 hour sampling? How has the weather been? Seen many whales?

  2. You guys should stop lying around on the rocks and get to work :)

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