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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

CSI Boat Basin Survey

Our group had a bit of fieldwork to do last week on the water. First, we had to go to our Albemarle Sound Site, an autonomous observing system that is having some cellular connection issues (that we are still working on). Once we returned, we decided to outfit the "Sound Rover" with the RTK and single beam echo sounder and survey the CSI boat basin. The basin has been shoaling over the last few years, so CSI had a maintenance "dredge" operation recently. Our group wanted to provide CSI with some baseline information post dredging...that way we can get a better handle on how the basin changes with time AND, more importantly, what the depth is for the research vessels coming in and out of campus! Although the Sound Rover can travel upwards of 50 mph, we tooled around at about 3 mph throughout the boat basin to get this high-resolution bathymetric survey! My back sore the next day from just sitting on the SeaDoo for 3 hours...hard job, but someone has to do it!

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