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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Safety and Science

Stephanie races to don a gumby suit.

The thrill of victory shines in Stephanie's face.

Dr. Kevin Xu from Coastal Carolina University talks science during a group meeting.

3 August

After a good taco lunch, the scientists turned their attention to Tina, the Marine Tech, who briefed us on safety and other matters, such as conserving water, limiting web use, and being a good shipmate.  Additionally, she showed a brief safety video which reviews emergency procedures, e.g., what to do in the event of a fire, man overboard or abandon ship.  It was very informative, and everyone played close attention which was good to see.  The fact is accidents happen, and everyone needs to be prepared when living aboard a ship.  Once completed we did an abandon ship drill, and Bobby, Chief Mate, reviewed additional important safety concerns and procedures.

We returned to the mess area (location where we eat and, in fact, the crew keeps it quite tidy!) to review the science plan and activities with the science party.   I (jp) explained how we are not only looking at the affects of recent flooding but aslo will examine changes in the sedimentary layers deposited by hurricanes Katrina, Rit and Ivan.  Everyone was very attentive and sounds eager to get to work.

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