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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Stayin' Alive - The Sunshine Shift

Co-Chief Scientist Reide Corbett is ready for sampling frenzy.
Jessic (left) and Devon (right) battle with placing an x-ray tray into a core.

Alisha sieves a sample to examine the macroscopic benthic organisms.

Kevin keeps working on an endless line of samples for filtering.

David examines a new set of cores to start the subsampling process again.

5 August

After getting a good night's rest and a large lunch (actually their breakfast), the day watch (Noon-Midnight) was ready to rock the fantail in the mid-day sun.  Co-Chief Scientist Corbett leads this small group (6 people total) of hard-working scientists.  It was another very hot and humid day, so even with a tarp for some shade, they were sweating up a storm within 10 minutes of arriving on shift.  Fortunately, the steward Bob and the crew, like John (not pictured), are proactive about making sure everyone is well fed and hydrated.  John was nice enough to bring out a cooler with gatorade and water!  "Service with a smile." he said, but really just a darn nice gesture!

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