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Monday, February 2, 2015

Bonjour Emeric!: French Student Visits the Lab

There is a new face (with a funny accent) walking around the halls of the UNC Coastal Studies Institute.   Emeric Bourineau is a French MS student from the Universit√© de La Rochelle.  He is here to work with the Coastal Processes program (i.e., the SSTORM Lab) for a few months.  Although he has recently analyzed all the tide gauge data from the NC coast, his research here is just getting started.  But he’s already enjoyed some American traditions, including the Superbowl, a barbecue dinner and craft beer at the OBX Brew Station.  At a recent gathering at Trio, we even got him taste some California wines, but not surprisingly, he preferred the Bordeaux vintages.  He looks forward to seeing and learning more of the NC coast and its people; please stop in to say “Salut!”

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