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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Researchers Take MOCC Training for Boat Operations

Several researchers from ECU and UNC CSI fought fires, tied knots, trailered boats and fired flares in the process of becoming certified to operate boats for coastal science work.  C.J. Cornette, Luke Stevens, Keith Garmire and J.P. Walsh from ECU Geological Sciences and CSI's Coastal Processes program and Stephanie O'Daly from the CSI Estuarine Ecology program were trained by John Woods (ECU Geological Sciences) and Mike Baker (ECU Dive & Water Safety).  The intensive class involves online reading, hands-on activities, boating and exams.  After some rescue review at the Minges ECU pool, the instructors and trainees braved well-below freezing temperatures to practice skills.  Thankfully, the instructors were clear and informative, and the students were attentive and quick learners.  Boating activities will occur in March at CSI.

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