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Saturday, March 26, 2016

It Takes a Village

Oceanographic research is a team effort, not only does it require a talented captain and crew (22 people total) to navigate across the ocean safely and comfortably but also the science is inherently interdisciplinary and complex, requiring researchers of all kinds, technical people with great skills, and motivated students to invest time and energy.

This expedition has been a tremendous team effort involving a wide array of people at sea and on land.  I can’t acknowledge everyone here, and I’m sure I’ll forget to mention some people.  But I thought I’d list some science folks onboard  (in no particular order) to give you a grasp of the many different individuals  involved in this effort:

Masako Tominaga from Texas A&M – looking at magnetic properties of the margin
Dan Lizzaralde from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution – interested in margin evolution and fluid  flow
Bill Danforth from U.S. Geological Survey Woods Hole – technical experts for seafloor mapping and leading field surveying for USGS
Wayne Baldwin from U.S. Geological Survey Woods Hole – technical experts for seafloor mapping and leading field surveying for USGS
Sid Mitra from ECU Geological Scientists– organic geochemist analyzing seawater properties from the shoreline to  
Erin Field from ECU Biology – microbial ecologist looking at seawater and sediments
Mike Muglia from UNC CSI/UNC Chapel Hill – physical oceanography researcher focused on Gulf Stream dynamics
Dave Sybert from UNC CSI – Education and outreach specialist and research scientist
Keith Garmire – technical staff from ECU/CSI for GIS and data processing
Trip Taylor – technical staff from UNC CSI  for ADCP analysis and data processing
Amy Simoneau – Marine technician on the ship
Ellen Roosen – Coring technician from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Joe – Marine technician on the ship
Ian Conery – ECU PhD student
Ryan Gibbons – ECU MS student
Caroline Webb – ECU MS student
Beau Benfield – ECU MS student
Reide Corbett from ECU/UNC CSI  - biogeochemical oceanographer focused on material exchange  and sedimentation
Me (J.P. Walsh) from ECU/UNC CSI   - geological oceanographer focused on sedimentation and margin construction

Everyone onboard is very professional and a pleasure to work with (except for me without coffee). 

Ian, Dave, Keith, Ryan and Reide (left to right) have a down moment of deck operations.

Beau and Caroline process water samples. 

Caroline filters water.

Sid (left) and Beau (right) are happy to have samples to work with.

Reide and Erin slice up a sediment core.

 Dan and Melody examine seismic data.

Wayne, Bill and Masako at work in the computer lab.

Masako examines magnetic variation data. 

 Wayne, the multibeam mapping wizard, cleans data with Caris.

 Jen pilots the ship on the bridge.

Mike, Reide and J.P., take a needed break from the stress of seep sampling.

Trips relaxes during some ADCP analysis.

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