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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Off to the Gulf of Mexico

I didn't think I'd be writing about oceanographic adventures again so soon after my NZ travels, but I'm now off to the Gulf of Mexico. I've been asked to be a scientist aboard a NOAA research cruise to look for oil on the seafloor. After leaving the Pitt-Greenville Airport (pictured), which is in the process of a major renovation (so we'll no longer have to cram in a bathroomless waiting area), I made it to Charlotte to catch my flight to Gulfport. From there, I'll grab a 45-min cab to Pascagoula, Mississippi. I'll get to the ship, the R/V Pisces, about 10:30...I hope. From, there I hope to find my cabin and get settled in. I must admit, the company that has coordinated my last minute involvement in this cruise (CSS, Consolidated Security Service I think) has been very professional and efficient. Hopefully, the ship preparations, etc will go smoothly.

I'll try to report back tomorrow. We shove off on Friday.


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