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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tough Day But Ready For More Work ... and Featured on the NOAA Web Site

The last 24 hours have been challenging.  We had some trouble trying to collect a core in very deep water (>2200 meters, which is well over a mile deep).  Ultimately, we had to give up at one site because we just could not quite tell if/when the corer hit the bottom, and we didn't want to risk tangling up the corer on the seafloor.  Then, after a camera sled tow and CTD, we had a major problem with the winch as we pulled a core to the surface.  Fortunately, thanks to the hard and smart work of the crew, we were able to not only avoid losing the corer but also we got a nice sample. 
On a positive note, we have had some good success so far and look forward to getting back to coring tomorrow. 
Today, it was great to see that our work on the Pisces was featured on NOAA's main web site (see photo).  Several of the other scientists and I are visible in a photo prepping the multicore.  We're famous :)

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