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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Finishing Up

26 May 2010

After leaving Gisborne, we headed to the mouth of the Waipoa River where the river was high and muddy, transporting much material into the coast.  We did some water-column measuring and seabed sampling there and then headed offshore on a long transect of similar work.  Also, because it was a nice clear sky after the storm blew through, we took water samples for measure suspended sediment concentrations in the water so we could compare it to satellite images of the study area.  We finished our last station at about 6:30.  Unfortuntately we we're successful at getting cores at the last two sites, probably because of the massive swells that caused the ship to heave up and down quite significantly, but gently.  It really was pleasant and nice conditions to work, but tough for coring. 

Then, we started our long trip home....steaming from Gisborne to Wellington (on the southern end of the North Island).

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