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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Smiles and Silliness

25 May 2010

We've had some pretty rough weather and have been working hard.  But, we still have found time to have some fun.  Actually, I have laughed more on this cruise than on any other I can ever remember.  And smiles were plentiful (see pics above).  The scientists and crew are all good-spirited, and lots of effort is spent taunting and teasing eachother.  This trip has really be a pleasant because everyone has gotten along so well, and the group has really enjoyed all the interactions.  I give much credit to the crew, who are more friendly and fun than the other vessels I've worked on (of course they are serious and professional when necessary).  As you might imagine for a seabed sampling trip, there is a lot of mudslinging both literally and figuratively.  Invitably by the end of the cruise, everyone has ended up with mud on their face at some point.  We have found various ways to enjoy the rough conditions.  For example, above you can see Rip and Reide doing their ski jump imitations as the deck rolls beneath them.  In other shots, Rip prepares for a little snack, and I battle the extreme elements.  There is much fund to had on research vessels, even in stormy seas.

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