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Friday, May 21, 2010

Gisborne Port of Call

Steaming into Gisborne.

The Kaharoa isn't so big next to this logging ship.

Steve prepares for docking.

Daniel tends the docking lines as storm clouds approach.

20 May 2010, afternoon

With a ship overloaded with tripods and a storm on the way, we needed to head into port. Gisborne is the northern most city on the East Coast of New Zealand’s North Island, and it is located in Poverty Bay, just north of the Waipaoa River mouth (the primary source of sediment for our research). The City has a small port, used for logging exports and some container shipping, and it is a regional hub of commercial activity. Also, it is well known for its good waves in the surfing community. My few opportunities to surf here (J.P. talking here) agree with this notion.

Arrival into a port is always exciting for ship crew and passengers, so many were scattered about the ship to view the scenery as we steamed in. Our Captain, Simon, carefully navigated us up the channel, and the crew rapidly and skillfully secured us to the dock . Upon arrival, we worked hard and quickly to get the necessary equipment unloaded. After work was complete, people scattered quickly. Some, like me (J.P.) went to find out about the shed we rented and how we could get equipment moved. Others headed to stores or place with the internet. Still others, just took the time to relax, take a walk and enjoy the stillness and strong TV and phone connections.

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