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Friday, May 21, 2010

Fun in the mud…

19 May 2010 Just before Midnight

We have started slinging mud here off the coast of New Zealand. It was about a 27 hour steam around the NE tip of the North Island to our study area, the Waipaoa Margin. It was about 10pm when we arrived…no sense waiting around for daylight, there is mud to collect. The crew of the Kaharoa (Simon, Steve, Dan, Chief, Carol, and Pete) has been fantastic and very accommodating…willing to do what we need to complete the science, including dealing with the fact that we wanted to work through the night (tough when you only have 6 people running a 28m research vessel!)
So, we are planning to core 4-5 stations throughout the night and retrieve the tripods in the morning. Looks like the weather may turn for the worse in a day or so, the more we can get down now the better. Again, the need for flexibility s important when working out here…go with the punches so to speak.
This cruise we are all working on one team…no A and B team. So JP and I will have to set aside our competitive spirit…or at least channel it in a different direction, maybe see who can eat the most of Carol’s fabulous cooking!

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