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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Good Day of Coring

9 February 2011

Today was a long but productive day.  We headed out of the harbor at about 6 AM and arrived home 6 PM.  We ended up collecting 10 cores, 4 of which were used for our erosion experiments.  The weather was pretty much ideal, not too hot and not too cold.   Tomorrow will likely be another long day...we're hoping the weather remains good.  The team working in the shed has not been mentioned previously in the blog, but they deserve some credit here.  Dan and Andrea have been working with all the instruments in a dark, dirty and now hot and smelly shed.  Today, they deconstructed one of the tripods and tomorrow they'll do the other along with some calibrations.  I'm not sure what is tougher work... being on the rocking shop or slaving away in the shed.  A picture will follow soon!

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