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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Life on the Kaharoa

I don't think I really every have shown any pictures of our living quarters, the bridge and the mess.  So, I thought I'd share some miscellaneous shots around the ship.  The Kaharoa is a smallish ship (30 m or 90 ft), yet she is very capable of doing work on the open ocean and serves as a very comfortable home for its Captain (Simon), Chief Engineer (Dave, this trip), mates (Steve, Dan and Pete),  cook (Carol), and up to six scientific crew. 

The ship has a comfortable mess area (where we eat) with a TV (with occasional reception) and a nice large and rotating library of DVDs and books, a moderately sized galley, a spacious bridge, two staterooms for scientists (a quad and a double, both with bunk beds), heat and even air conditioning (which we needed on this trip), and well-stocked freezers and dry stores.  There are two labs, a wet lab and dry lab and the deck is large enough for most oceanographic research operations.  All in all, its a very practical, functional and pretty cozy ship.  One drawback of the ship is that it is a pretty lively vessel during a rough sea as we have had the chance to experience on a few occasions.  The best part about the ship are its Captain and crew who really have made us feel at home and as I have said earlier are tremendously helpful, skilled and knowledgeable.

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