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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Immaculate Reception of the Tripod!

13 Feb 2011

Well, I just wrote the whole story and it got deleted...so I'm not going to retype it.  But the short version is that we found and recovered the tripod! ... there must have been some divine intervention but I won't go in it (basically, it was in a totally different place than where we deployed it... thanks to a trawler)  And the good thing is that much of the equipment appears to be in good shape.  We'll know more tomorrow, but we are all very happy. I need to go celebrate with a cold beverage!


p.s. One of the likely reasons for our good luck was that it is my wife's birthday (the 13th... my lucky number)!  Happy Birthday Denise, sorry I couldn't be there to celebrate. Love,  J.P.

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