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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Long Steam to the Study Area and the Recovery of Tripods

After a pretty quick day of packing and a brief chance to watch part of the 2nd quarter of the Superbowl, we boarded the Kaharoa and headed to fuel.  After that, we steamed out of Wellington.

The ride north was about 24 hours, but it seemed to take a good while longer to get to the study area as the waves were not large but coming from two directions causing an uncomfortable ride.  During the transit some of us worked on processing data and others focued on prepping labs.  A couple scientists were sick, and I know I wasn't feeling 100% either. 

But, we got to the Gisborne area last night at ~8PM and did a CTD cast in ~350 m  (~1000 ft) of water.  Then we took a core and tried to take another but failed after 4 attempts.  We anchored last night in Povery Bay and got an early start in the morning.  Dr. Andrea Ogston arrived via zodiac, and after collecting a couple cores, we headed to the tripod sites for recoveries.  I'm happy to report that we recovered two tripods after some trouble... and one of them had clearly been hit by a trawler.  The third (on which I have my instruments) is still resting on the seabed.  We hope its float will release in the coming days... I'll keep you posted.  Gotta run for dinner!


  1. Well, I guess I feel better knowing you didn't get to make fun of me getting sick! Would be interested in seeing a photo of the tripod that got TRAWLED. Hope all the instruments made it back in one piece. Will keep my fingers crossed for the 3rd...at least you know it is there! Enjoy...wish I was there with you guys! Reide

  2. Good luck! Good job on the 2 out of 3 and best wishes for the stubborn 3rd tripod. Courtney and Tara