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Friday, December 14, 2012

COPA, Whales and Penguins

There has been a lot of excitement since we left the Drake Passage and
are traveling in close proximity to the Antarctic Continent and its
outlying islands. There have been numerous whales, leopard seals and
penguins all sighted from the bow of the ship. The weather has been
great the last two days with sunshine and minimal winds. We did not
have science shifts yesterday because we have passed out of the study
area, but it was still a very active day.

On our transit to Anvers Island the R/V LMG stopped yesterday at COPA
research station to re-supply them with groceries, propane and other
necessities. The researchers at COPA study penguins, and the station is
located at a rookery where three different species of penguins are
present. As we unloaded supplies we had the opportunity to see
penguins in their natural environment. Researchers at the station will
live there for 5 months; with only two supply drop offs during that
time. It was very interesting to see their station, and I cannot
imagine what it would be like to spend 5 months there. (COPA pictured

In the bay at COPA we also did a "dress rehearsal" of collecting
water samples and all the tests and analysis that we will perform at
each transect. We expect to be at our first sampling location at 5 p.m.
this evening to begin sampling. We will sample around-the-clock for the
next 5 days. We have been traveling and setting up for this research
for many days, and our scientific team is anxious to begin their work.
(In picture above - Dr. Corbett instructs scientists how to properly
collect samples)

- David Sybert


  1. THanks for the updates and good luck with the sampling!! Let the FUN begin :-)

  2. I guys,

    Check the whales and dolphins page at
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