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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Flanders Bay and Arriving at Palmer Station

Yesterday we had some of the most spectacular scenery of the trip! We
were sampling very close to the coastline in Flanders Bay, and were
around icebergs and majestic mountains most of the day and night. Last
night marks our final overnight science shift and we have just pulled
into Palmer Station!

We will spend the rest of the day packing up the science equipment used
on the ship for the last week and moving it onto the station. One part
of the expedition has ended with another just beginning. Dr. Corbett
and the three graduate students will be staying here for the next six
weeks. Coming into port at Palmer Station is very impressive. A huge
glacier directly above it dwarfs the small outpost. The research team
staying here will sample nearshore environments in an attempt to
quantify the amount of groundwater entering the system there. They will
use many of the same techniques we have been using on board the R/V
Laurence M. Gould, but they will be working from 16-foot zodiacs. In
less than an hour we will take a boating safety course and may get to
use the zodiacs tonight to visit a penguin colony.

Those of us heading back to the United States will leave Palmer Station
in the morning for the 3 day Drake Passage Crossing. We plan on
continuing to sample a few locations along the coast of Antarctica on
the way back. The R/V LMG is expected to dock at Punta Arenas on
Christmas Eve. I am hoping the weather continues to be calm for a
comfortable crossing home.

-David Sybert
UNC-CSI Educator


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    1. So jealous of you guys----Looks amazing!!


  2. Absolutely breathtaking! Hope those coming back have a safe trip! Loving the updates!