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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Science is Underway

With a light snow falling, we arrived at our first station last night
at 1800 and got to work. We profiled and sampled the water column with
the CTD, then collected water for trace metal analysis (for iron) and
completed the first station by using the Smith-Macintire grab to obtain
some seafloor sediment. The sediment grab sampler failed on the first
attempt and was damaged some, but we repaired it, and then switched it
out for the other sampler. We always bring backup equipment if possible
just in case, although we can using fix things as the ship has a full
machine shop and a wealth of tools. All the operations and subsampling
went relatively smoothly, and by breakfast at 0730, three stations were
completed, with 3 CTDs, trace metal and sediment sampling at each.

This morning, Matt the Marine Technician (MT) on watch, added weight to
the grab sampler to help it travel to the bottom with trouble.

Breakfast was delicious.

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