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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Fwd: Almost There

Yes, we're still steaming south! ... it's a long journey. But, the
seas are calm (we're rolling some), and the food is good, so nobody is
complaining! We saw some whales and penguins this morning, Also, it's
been lightly snowing (you can see a flake in front of my face in the

I was glad to use the gym this morning to work of some of this
neverending food (including desserts). But, it was a yummy mexican
lunch today, so I think I'll need more time on the bike and rowing

We continue to prep for the upcoming science. However, when we have
free time, we are working on other things, like research proposals,
science papers as well as holiday decorating, laundry, reading and
watching t.v.

Life on the ship is fun, but can get a little repetitive and boring.
Everyone is doing a great job of keeping the waiting enjoyable by making
jokes, playing games and sharing in conversation. But we look forward
to getting to Antarctica tonight!


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