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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The End is Near...

Well the collection of samples has finally ceased, but the fun
continues. The A-Team finished up the sampling this morning at 5:50 AM
at a site just off of the Mahia Peninsula. By the looks of some of the
pictures taken prior to our shift, it looks like the B-Team continued to
have a good time. I think their group picture sort of describes the way
they got their work done as well...good thing the A-Team was there to
pick up the slack, eh JP (the B-Team R-L: JP, Alan Orpin, Victoria
Rosin, Julene Marr, Bella Duncan, Julia Moriarty (low), April Brown
(high), and Dick Sternberg). At the B-Team's last station, JP and Alan
were greeted to a pants full of mud...gotta love fun at sea. Although
we are done collecting samples (no more mud), there is still plenty to
do. Everything needs to be broken down, washed with freshwater (see the
wash-up crew on deck), and packed. That said, we have about a 20 hour
steam to our final destination , Wellington, so there is some time for
recreation...FINALLY! Sid and I led the Pirates to victory over the
Huskies in a mean game of Ping Pong...although to be fair it was best 2
of 3. We are finishing up some lab experiments and making sure all of
the gear is ready to be stored.

It's a good day to be at sea!

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