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Friday, January 15, 2010

Wet and Bumpy

The last 24 hours can be described pretty well as wet and a bit bumpy.  It has rained on and off so foul weather gear has been required for much of the deck work.  We have had quite a bit of trouble with the multicore trigger.  Corbett has been befuddled by the problem.  But, we have eventually resolved the problem and things are working better for the moment.  Alan, Danny (the Chief Engineer) and I (jp) repaired the trigger pins and installed a hose clamp on the core.  Hopefully, it will keep working.  We have had a fair share of other problems with filtering, etc. but we are ironing those problems out and now are working pretty efficienty.  Above are some photos of the main lab and the multicore so you can get a little perspective on the landscape. 
A big success yesterday was the succesful deployment of the last tripod.  Dick Sternber, Rip Hale and Kristen Lee from UW were superb in orchestrating the tripod prep and recovery.  The whole operation was directed by Andrea Ogston who unfortunately couldn't come to sea with us, but thanks to her oversight and expertise it all went over ok.
The picture of the Dog Door is to highlight how important it is to secure things at sea.  The second day the Captain yelled at me (as person in charge at the time) because people weren't closing the door and locking it.  I have have relayed the message.  Now all are safe and happy.
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