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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Trying to Get Home

Well, the cruise was very successful. We collected a heck of a lot of water-column profiles and seabed samples as well as deployed three tripods. The next challenge was/is to get everything packed and home safely. This is not as easy as it sounds. The major hurdles are 1) getting everything to fit in some containers (requires some shopping), 2) getting everything on the flights or shipped (we opted for the former), 3) avoiding samples being taken by customs and last but not least 4) actually surviving the trip. Fortunately or unfortunately, we are suffering through the last step. As I text this message we are arriving in Charlotte after our second red eye. Apparently the jetway we pulled up to was broken so they are towing our plane to who knows where. But we are not really in a rush as we have yet another long layover (3 hr). Our layover at LAX was so long (9 hr) that we decided to leave the airport to find some good Mexican food. The sunset photos are from when we decided to walk back. It was wonderful visit to LA. Hopefully we will be home soon.

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