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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Leadership is critical to the success of any mission. The role of a
leader is particularly important at sea where the risks are large and
emotions run high. There are many different leadership styles. For
example, some can be excessively relaxed and apathetic, ignoring safety
concerns and proper work protocols, and disparaging and overly critical of
co-workers. Others can be completely the opposite and totally engaged in
and passionate about their work. Such leaders are typically mindful of
all safety guidelines, diligent in following science procedures,
respectful of and friendly with authorities and co-workers. During our
cruise, the watches have been lead by two very different styles (see
photos). The photo of Dr. Reide Corbett highlights how he takes a fairly
"hands off" approach in his leading. What you cannot see in the photo is
one of Corbett's angry tirades on watch, smashing ping pong balls
violently and cursing loudly at shipmates. Dr. J.P. Walsh, on the other
hand, is amiable, attentive and always puts safety first. The superior
performance and greater camaraderie of the "Dream Team" (B Watch) speaks
loudly to the importance of leadership.


  1. Glad to see the "Safety Pup" I met all those many years ago in Seattle is still living up to the nickname!

  2. Glad to see you've had a successful cruise - glad you've all been hard at work with a little friendly rivalry and fun thrown in! Enjoy the clean-up and arrival in port!
    Love the NC Walshs

  3. Beautiful J.P., simply beautiful!!!!!

  4. i hope there were no bugs for sampling while on deck.. lmc

  5. Hi JP,

    Well, I guess they all put up with you for a successful cruise, your antics and ego shining through!!

    Actually, your blogs were interesting and entertaining!

    Congratulations and a job well done from all your reports!