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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Last Full Day Before Departing the Dock

Finally…… the last bits of cruise preparation are underway. The crew of the R/V Roger Revelle has been doing their utmost to help us get prepared to depart as planned at 16:00:00h on Wednesday January 13th, 2010. Most of yesterday and today involved final stages of finding and setting up equipment, including loading instrumentation on the tripods and assembling the multicorer. The multicorer will be used to collect sediments along the way at all of our stations. The volunteers are also now onboard helping out by securing everything down. For those friends and family members who are expecting to see us upon our return, if we look a few kilograms heavier, it is mostly for one reason: we can't stop eating the awesome food that Mark the head cook onboard the Revelle has been preparing. This will be the last blog sent from onboard the R/V Roger Revelle before it gets underway sailing out from Tauranga Harbor out into Poverty Bay. High seas, here we come!

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