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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Mud Slinging Continues

Greetings Everyone! It's Day 6 of our cruise on the R/V Roger Revelle, captained by Dave Murline and the mud-slinging between the "A" Team and the "B" Team continues. As mentioned in an earlier blog, both teams are fervently deploying the CTD (conductivity, temperature, depth), coring for sediments, running the erosion chamber, filtering water, processing cores for isotopes, grain size, x-radiography, organics, running seismic lines, etc. I'd like to note that the volunteers have been incredibly hard-working!! By the way, not that any of us are competitive or anything but the "A" Team (midnight to noon) seems to be conducting ALL of their tasks the most efficiently (be it the wee hours of night or the beautiful sunny days we have at hand). What's particularly noteworthy is that members of the team are still finding time to eat meals during their shift and relax in the ship's hot tub. What can we say….we're just damn efficient…heck…they ought to name a TV series after us! Despite all the hard work, views like Young Nick's Head from the ship sure do make it worthwhile. After the two remaining days of the cruise, we begin our steam to Wellington where a few days of packing up our samples and muddy clothes and perhaps a cold beverage or two awaits!!

This blog was entered by Sid Mitra (a mostly objective member of the "A" team).

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