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Monday, January 11, 2010

On the Ship

Well, today has been a big day of work on the ship. We have found and loaded all are stuff and are unpacking and organizing it. Now is when we start realizing what we're missing and making contingency plans. So far, we aren't missing anything major, but a few things have forced up to come up with some alternative plans and extra expenses. Of course, this is par for the course.

The Captain and crew have been really great and helpful. They have been very welcoming and clearly are sincere about aiding us in getting our science completed. Last night we had a nice social with them on the dock next to the ship. It was a fun to get to know some of them. Turns out I was at sea in Alaska with one of the engineers, Alex, back in 1995! Yes, it's a small world.

Alan Orpin, our great New Zealand collaborator, arrived this evening. We have enjoyed catching up with him.

Tomorrow will likely be another long day. I better get some rest in my cozy bunk.


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